Masiah Lane-Majestic’s Birthday Fundraiser


Masiah Lane-Majestic’s Birthday Fundraiser

Benefitting Pushin’ For a Purpose in partnership with Black, Young and Educated.

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Masiah Lane-Majestic is a young skater turning 11 years old today (February 17th)

One of his birthday requests is to have an opportunity to give back to the community that he loves: SKATEBOARDING!

Masiah has been skating at Switch and Signal Skatepark since his 8th birthday, a little over a week after Switch and Signal opened. He participated in a free Trash to Thrash skating lesson 3 years ago and has been hooked on skateboarding ever since, while also becoming a great assistant and skateboarding educator. Not only has he learned to skate, but skateboarding has taught him valuable lessons about resilience, dedication, consistency, getting up when you fall, focusing, and being victorious without an opponent, that he’s applied to school and other life situations.

Skateboarding is Masiah’s #1 interest and as he grows older, he would like to become a professional skater and entrepreneur, owning his own skatepark and shop one day. We are grateful for all of his mentors (big shout out to Kerry and Neil at Switch and Signal) and the Pittsburgh skateboarding community who have supported him, cheered him on and encouraged him over the years. One of the ways he is coming of age is through all he is learning as a skater.

In partnership with Pushin’ for a Purpose, Black Young and Educated (BYE) and Switch and Signal Skatepark, your donation to this fundraiser will go toward a free skateboard and 1 hour lesson(s) for ¬†young people like Masiah interested in developing a love of skateboarding. During the lesson, Masiah will be on hand to share some tricks!

We have set the goal of $250.00 to donate to Pushin’ for a Purpose. With this amount we can cover the cost of a new complete ¬†skateboard, helmet and lessons for two children. ¬†Additional funds past the goal will go to getting more kids skating with lessons and equipment!

We will be raising funds for Masiah’s Birthday Fundraiser until March 1st 2021.

From Masiah:

“Skating is meant to have fun. With my experience skating, I’ve developed my mental confidence. Its all in your head, you just have to know your ability. There might be something you think you can’t do but you can really do it. It’s good to practice and try new things.

The thing I enjoy about skating is you can do tricks but it doesnt have to be a competition. You can be around people, and be in your element and community around skating. The community of skateboarders will often motivate you to do things that they think you can do.

I wanted to do this fundraiser because even though it’s my birthday, I wanted to take this opportunity to think about people who dont have the same opportunities I have. It’s good to appreciate people by helping them.”

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