Powell Peralta Andy Anderson Pro Flight Deck 2


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Stubbed nose/tail- Predictable pop, great for building consistency. Slight curve ideal for Pogos and Caspers
Wide tail/nose- Comfortable footing and flicking, more tail to wear
Symmetrical- ’Twin Tip’, board wears 2x’s slower. Skate either way, board may never feel ‘backwards’
Egged rails- Chip evasion. Board will ‘roll’ instead of ’smash’ when hitting the ground
Widest point- 8.7” at the middle, helps kick and catch lateral rotations
14.5 wheelbase- .25” longer than average for a more stable stance
No straight line- Continual curve, helps avoid chipping from impact on flat surfaces
Distance between truck and kick- .125” shorter for higher pop
Foot placement width- 8.5” wide at trucks
Primo sensitive curve- enhanced for Primo flips
Length/shape- 32.3”, shape 301, K20 concave

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