Interior of Switch and Signal Skatepark


Switch & Signal is a 12,000 sqft. indoor skateboard park
located in Pittsburgh's Swissvale neighborhood.

This is a place where skateboarding is fun, empowering, and inclusive. We are a community resource to people young and old, across race, genders, and skill level who want to enjoy skateboarding!

Our fully stocked skateboard shop carries everything you need. We carry products from Thunder, Independent, Anti-Hero, Real, Baker, Heroin, Meow, Street Plant, Troika, Toy Machine, Independent, Scumco & Sons, Spitfire, Zero, Bronson and more!

Spring Hours

12 PM – 9 PM
Closed except for lessons and classes
4 PM – 9 PM
Thu & Fri
12 PM – 11 PM
9 AM – 11 PM
9 AM – 9 PM

First Monday of each month Adult
Beginner Sessions

6pm - 9pm

Wednesday Afterschool 12
& Under Skate Sessions

4pm - 7pm

Saturday Morning 12
& Under Skate Sessions

9am - 1pm

Second Sunday of Each Month
Womxn & Grrrl Session

5pm - 9pm

Last Sunday of Each Month
30 & Over

9am - 12 noon

Private, Group Lessons, and Park Rental by Appointment

Private lessons $50.00/h · Group lessons $35.00/h, 2 person minimum.

Park rental starts at $250


Session Price

$12 (members $10)

Yearly Membership

$125 ( includes 16 free sessions a year)

Hourly Rentals available, please email for rates and times.